Looking for a job?

Are you interested in working for a very wide range of functions within the hospitality industry?
Then this is the right place for you.
Join us to be a part of our company-The ServiceRoyal family.
And what can we offer?
Within ServiceRoyal you can earn experience with different kinds of jobs at various locations in the Nederlands.
You can start with no experience as a student, include training and opportunities to improve your skills.
If you have gained sufficient hours of experience ,your salary will raise.


Looking for a room?

Are you excited about your new student life?Try renting one of our student rooms.
Find a nice student room near your university .
Do you prefer something more private or a room in the shared house with other international students is more what you have in mind?
With us you will easily find what you need .
ServiceRoyal charges no fees for making this possible.


Looking for employees?

Do you need an extra hospitality staff for a day, week , month or a longer collaboration?

Let us know what kind kind of position needs to be filled and we will match you with one of our available candidates.
We will find solutions to your problems.
Don't be shy and contact us, it's never too late.

We make the impossible look easy.

Man with laptop


You want to register, but how it actually works and what can you expect?
It's simple, here we will explain you step by step from the moment you register, to your first salary.

1. Registration

Click on the bottom "join us"  fill out the form and send it.
We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

2. Meeting

After we have made contact with you by phone and we learned again little more about each other, we scheduled a meeting where we  discuss everything you need to know about the job you are interested in.
Let's have a cup of coffee..

3. Process

Now you have a certain idea about what the job entails ,what location you get, how many hours a day and how many times a week you will be planned.
Excited?So are we, we can't wait for your first workday.

4. Evaluation

Your first job is done, congratulations!
How did you feel in your new role with your new colleagues?
We will now evaluate your status and performance together.
Did it meet your expectations and would you consider repeating?
Awesome ,then we will plan you again.

5. Reward

Well done! 
Now you only have to wait for your well-deserved reward and receive your paycheck.
You can expect your salary after two weeks  of your first day at work.

Let's get started

Meet new people and work with your friends.

If you are available at least two times a week then this is your chance to meet new people and let your fiends know about us and why not  work together?Our job offers can pleasantly diversify your student stay in Maastricht, you learn a lot, you visit a lot of interesting places and more importantly,you work alongside professionals with many years of experience.

You choose we plan.

You might be looking for something particular when it comes to work.It may be a side job next to your studies and you have an irregular schedule or you want to find something stable with fixed hours. Everything is possible. Just tell us your situation and we will advice you and find a suitable position within the hospitality world.

Being a part of our ServiceRoyal family

A teamwork environment promotes an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty.This motivates our employees to work harder ,cooperate and be supportive of one another.We are there for you from the very beginning to guide you ,support you and help you when necessary ,until the moment when our cooperation  ends-when you leave us.

Combining work and study?

Yes ,but as a working student ,you have to find a balance that works for you.The best way to do it, is to plan ahead.But what does this really mean?You have to first figure out your school timetable. Then you let us know what days you are available and we try to work around this schedule.This is the best way to combine a flexible job and a study. If you are already planned for a job and anything comes up last minute and you cannot make it work, tell us about it and we try to solve it together.
Communication is the key.

Hospitality jobs


Room attendant

Washing dishes


Hand with food


Plan a viewing