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Looking for a room?

Are you new in town and haven't found yet accommodation that would meet your expectations ?
Get in touch with us and let us know what you have in mind.
We have a different selections of student rooms in Maastricht ,private studio or an apartment in the city centre .
ServiceRoyal charges no fees for renting a room.
No more stress, we will take care.

House no.1, Location: Dokter Bakstraat|Maastricht

House no.2, Location: Rijksweg|Maastricht

House no.3, Location: Meerssenerweg|Maastricht

House no.4, Location: Mockstraat|Maastricht

House no.5, Location: Ambyerstraat Zuid|Maastricht

House no.6, Location:Klinkenberg|Meerssen

Apartment, Location: Fatimaplein|Maastricht

Apartment in city centre, Location: Looierstraat|Maastricht

Looking for a renter?

Do you want to rent out your room, apartment or studio?
We will help you to find new tenant for long or short term.
You decide for how long and how much and we follow.

For more tips about renting out your home ,necessary information, providing a tenant contract, the rules regarding taxes and all you might be concerned about ,we manage for you.

With us it is simple and fun.

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