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Matching people

Are you short of staff? What is the occasion, it is a one time project ,a week or you want to find somebody for a long term cooperation.We know very well that hospitality is not only about previous work experience but mostly about people and their competences.The more we know about you and your request, better we can match you with the right person.


We hire staff, we employ them, determine their salary and have complete supervision over them.We take the administrative duties fully out of your hands.

All you need to do is decide for how much time you want to hire our employees.


You hire our employee and we take the administrative duties completely out of your hands and after exceeding 1040 hours ,he will become a part of your organization and will be employed by you.


Submit a request for a temporary worker, even only for one shift and anytime that comes at your convenience for minimum of 3 hours.

Who do you need?

Room attendant

We work mostly with English speaking international staff who gain new work experience during our cooperation.

Our employees are hard-working, self-motivated, able to manage their time well and work productively without constant supervision.

If you are looking to hire one of our candidates for long period, first day is a try out and it is free of charge.


If you are looking for auxiliary staff for work in the kitchen ,do not look any further, you are at the right place.

Whether it is the work as a dishwasher and maintaining general cleanliness, or you need an extra helping hands with varius little tasks such as cutting vegetable or anything that will save the chefs time.


Finding the right type of the cook for the job is not easy and that's why we are here to help you.Your cook will be the face behind the quality of your food and much more than that .Be careful in filling this position and take your time.
Let's look into the different types of cook you may encounter and need to consider.

Prep Cook

Line Cook


Catering medewerker

You might need an extra staff for an event, family occasion, festivals, working behind the bar or serving drinks and snacks to your guests.
We send our employees anywhere and anytime and completely ready to roll up their  sleeves.

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